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Every Exterior Repaint bid includes the following:

High Pressure Power Wash of surfaces to be painted.

-A quality wash is essential for a lasting paint job.  Our high pressure wash removes oxidation, dirt and other debris from surfaces to be painted.

Proper Preparation of surfaces to be painted.

 -One of the most important factors going into a lasting paint job is surface preparation.  Failing paint must be scraped and sanded when necessary.  Any raw wood must be primed using a quality primer.  Failed caulking must be re-applied using a quality caulk.

Protection of surfaces not being painted.

-A clean paint job requires proper and careful masking.  Since we use an airless sprayer for most exterior repaints, we carefully mask any surface which we do not desire to be painted.  This includes your vehicles, driveways, windows, roof, brick etc.

 The best Products.

-We then apply Sherwin Williams A-100 Exterior paint.  A-100 is backed by a 15 year manufacturer warranty.  We also use a quality Dap Alex 25 year caulk.  If you have a preference on another material I am more than willing to incorporate that into my bid.